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Find TCE!


The Competition

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To celebrate the launch of Going Mobile, Gavin & Nicky’s latest book, we have a special treasure hunt for you at IATEFL Manchester. Find the five secret locations, note down the four secret words and submit an entry to win. Click ‘Prize’ to find out what that prize is…

The Prize

The lucky winner, chosen at random from all the correct entries will receive a free online teacher training course with us, valued at up to £1,000. So, how do you play? Click ‘App’ to find out…

The App

The app is available from the App Store. You'll need to be at the conference, and use an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to enter the prize draw. If you haven't got one of your own, this is an ideal opportunity to make friends with someone at the conference who does!

We'll be holding another prize draw later this year for those of you unable to get to the IATEFL conference in Manchester (or those on Android devices - sorry!). Follow us on Facebook to find out when...
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How to Play

1) Open the App Store on your device

2) Install the Find TCE app

3) Go to the venue in Manchester

4) Open the app
Once you have the app open, allow it to access your location, make sure you've got Bluetooth on, and a Net connection. Then follow the instructions. The first thing you have to do is find Nicky Hockly, our Director of Technology. When you're near, you'll see an alert:
Click on the alert for useful information from Nicky. Make a note of it, then click the ' < Back' link at the top of the screen and go off to find the second clue... When you've found all four words, you'll be told how to enter the draw. Good luck!
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Terms & Conditions

User Information

This app will only work from 18:00 on Friday, April 10th to 12:00 on Tuesday, April 14th and inside the IATEFL Annual Conference centre - Manchester Central, Manchester, UK.
Technical Information

The Find TCE app makes use of Bluetooth and Apple iBeacon technology. iBeacons are set up in locations and broadcast a unique Bluetooth ID. This ID can be associated with all sorts of actions, including opening webpages, playing videos, showing images, etc. We've kept it simple with text, images and a URL. Their range is fairly small (up to a maximum of around 15 metres in a relatively unobstructed environment), so they are ideal for close proximity information, advertising, etc. For this app we've set the range to 'near', which means around 5 metres.

For the iBeacons we're using Estimote Stickers. In the static locations the stickers have been stuck somewhere out of the way, whilst the people involved are simply carrying one around with them in a pocket or a bag. The app itself was designed using the Beacondo design environment, imported into XCode and finished off for the App Store. If you'd like to know more, please contact Gavin.
Privacy Policy

The app uses both location data and Bluetooth to provide you with location and proximity-based information. No data is collected, saved or used by us in any other form than that for which the app is intended. Information collected on the final screen is at your discretion, and will only be used to enter you into the prize draw. By entering the prize draw you agree to being contacted by us in future communications. Your contact preferences can be managed online and you may unsubscribe at any moment.
Participation in this contest is through the iOS app referenced above. The contest runs from April 10th to April 14th, 2015 and is limited to those on iOS devices within the IATEFL Annual Conference venue in Manchester. No purchase is required. An individual may only enter once, and this contest is not open to TCE employees or their families. The winner will be chosen at random, by a third party, from all correct entries received by the closing date of the contest, and notified by April 30th 2015, by email and through social media channels. The winner may choose one of our online courses as their prize, and only one prize in total will be awarded as a result of this contest. This contest and its prize is offered by The Consultants-E Ltd. (TCE), 9B St Alban Street, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 8BZ, United Kingdom.